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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt kelly in for katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hi. >> hi, matt. low clouds and fog in oakland in morning and along the coast but we are clear inland. here's a look at emeryville with cloudy skies. it's cool, 59 in oakland. good morning, san jose. it's 59 for you and plenty of low clouds and fog further south along the central coast. it's going to take some time to see the sun today. but when we do, it will be railroad nice in the in lands valleys. but it will be a little cool at the coast, seasonal around the
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bay. upper 80s should do it today around the livermore valley. about 80 in san jose. low 70s for much of the east bay. it will be breezy around the bay, and the coast, well we will call it cloudy with partly cloudy skies in san francisco. we will detail the numbers in your neighborhood and talk about even cooler weather and the possibility of a few sprinkles coming up in a few minutes. matt. thank you, lisa. a violent arrest in the east bay has some claiming police brutality but the story doesn't stop there. the real issue may be what happened after the cameras were turned on. the arrest was recorded but when police stott spotted the cameras, witnesses claimed officers confronted them. alan wang has the story from antioch. >> this is youtube video of antioch police arresting a man on tuesday afternoon. >> i thought it was overkill. i thought it was -- i was disgusted by it. >> several witnesses say the man who appeared to be mentally disturbed was handcuffed while police used a taser on him and hit him with a baton.
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witnesses say an officer then released a police dog that began biting the man until he was bleeding and unrecognizable. >> not his legs, not his arm, his face and his head. that's doing too much. >> the man who shot this video said officers began confiscating cell phones from anyone who shot video of the incident. then this officer asked for his cell phone. >> give me your cell phone. >> huh? >> and he took my phone anyway because i didn't want no problems. >> and then what happened? >> he e-mailed the incident to his phone. >> but he was ordered to erase his video so he did. >> they are being controlling and demanding, erase your phone and trying to take people's phones away. >> the american civil liberties union said police may not confiscate or demand to view your videos or digital material without a warrant. gusty winds they told at bc7
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news that if a person is not willing to turn it over voluntarily, they said an officer can sometimes seize the device containing the video. the police would have to get a search warrant to retrieve the video from the device. antioch police would not comment on the details of the incident. in antioch, alan wang, abc7 news. >> the police are investigating a deadly accident last night near petaluma. one person was killed after a trailer with a pizza oven broke free from a van and crashed into a family car. the massive oven came loose at 7:30 last night. it was south of petaluma. it went directly into oncoming traffic. the oven slammed into a car with a family of four inside. one parent was killed. the other parent and two children were rushed to the hospital with major injuries. golden gate park was packed with music fans on the first night of outside lands. but a lot of people didn't get in because they got taken. police confiscated a huge number of counterfit tickets sold by unsuspecting concertgoers by scammers. we have the story, along with a key tip to avoid being ripped off. ♪
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>> even before the music started' outside lands festival police had their hands full. there were numerous medical calls for alcohol and drugs that's against the rules. a lot of rules got confiscated at the main gate. but minutes after we arrived, concertgoers approached us with the same story, they got scammed with fake tickets. >> i got denied entrance. it's nobody's mistake but my own. >> how much did you pay? >> $500 for two tickets. >> george bought his tickets on craig's list, so did alex and her brother. >> i'm turning it in, yeah. >> and? >> i got denied. void, void. >> had the right printing and the blue tint when you hold it up. it passed all the tests, but not the bar code set. >> san francisco police tweeted this picture of stacks and stacks of fake tickets they confiscated friday, many sold by scalpers who did not want their picture taken when we got too close.
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this man tried to shove our camera and this man was suspected of selling focus -- bogus tickets and questioned by police. >> they looked very real but the issue is they are very fake. >> the police sergeant confiscated all these tickets in less than an hour from scalpers. >> it's unfortunate we live in a world now a days where it's buyer beware. a lot of times when something is too good to be true, it's too good to be true. >> officers say use caution when buying online t could leave you enjoying the music from outside the gates. abc7 news. abc7 news has received multiple complaints about the loud music coming from the festival. some residents, even those living miles away, say they can hear the base. after two nights of complaints stemming from the concerts earlier this week. you can call if you have any problems related to outside lands. that's on our website.
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and we put together tips from -- for surviving the festival. everything from staying warm to staying safe. go to our website. >> and the second of two powerful storms is headed toward the tropical islands. it weakened yesterday when it hit the tall volcanoes. still caused destruction on the islands. up to a foot of rain fell in some areas. hundreds of people evacuated their homes and sought emergency shelters. a family from san ramon on vacation decided to come home yesterday. >> because of the tropical storm. they were scared. and they were predicting land false and high winds and we didn't want to take a chance. we said it's better to go back home and be safe. >> hurricane julio remains a category 2 storm, although it might now miss hawaii. fema's regional response center in oakland is up and running just in case they need to respond. a prayer vigil will be held in hollister for a woman believed be to be kidnapped by a
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man suspected in a fatal shooting. tonight's vigil for the the 120-year-old vanessa flores gets underway at the park at 8:00. police say she may have been taken by 20-year-old jose braha. he's suspected in the shooting of another person. that was on august 1. he's described 3'59", black hair, eyes and tattoos on both arms. one of the caldecott tunnel's bores will be closed off and on this weekend. they shut down number 2. that's the left one as you go eastbound. that bore will be closed until noon today and tonight it will be shut down again. that's from 8 to noon tomorrow. and they will close sunday night from 8 to 7 monday morning. westbound traffic on highway 24 is not impacted by the closer. same thing could happen next weekend if work is not completed this weekend. workers of realigning the approach to bore number 2 to make the drive straighter. turning now to the wildfire burning in mendocino county. 8 firefighters were injured fighting the lodge fire that is south of the community of leggett. their injuries are not believed
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to be life-threatening. right now the fire has burned foreign 5400 acres, 35 structures are threatened. warnings are issued a warning to bay residents they may see drifting smoke from the fire. >> and today we are featuring more sunshine. once this clears, plenty of low clouds and fog from san francisco to oakland. even partly cloudy in san jose. we will talk about a slightly cooler forecast for the bay area and where those showers and thunderstorms are going to end up in the next couple days. that's coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next, a volunteer effort that's so much more than just a playground project. abc7 helps make a dream come true for an east bay neighborhood. the latest ruling in donald sterling's bid to block the sale of the clippers. why the legal drama will likely
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san francisco police say they followed their noses to find what they say was a dangerous marijuana distribution operation. the two men were arrested thursday. detectives say they could smell marijuana down the street from the suspects' home. they were growing and packaging pot, as well as making concentrated cannabis oil. detectives say that process can be explosive. they face multiple charges and distribution charges.
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an appeals court has denied a petition from donald sterling to block the sale of the los angeles clippers, but it is not the end of the legal saga. sterling had asked the court to overturn a ruling issued last month that found his estranged wife acted appropriately when she agreed to sell the team for $2 billion. sterling's lawyers say the judge prematurely finalized the sale so it can be continued without an appeal. the i peels court said yesterday he can file an objection by this wednesday. the end result is that yesterday's event set the stage for the legal drama to likely be concluded next week. it's almost back to school time for bay area children. to make sure low income children have what they need. the public defenders "magic" programs will distribute backpacks stuffed with school supplies. 5,000 students from kindergarten to 12th grade will benefit from the giveaway. two opportunities are available for children to receive school supplies today and next saturday. today's giveaway gets underway at 10:00 a.m. at the ll hill clutch community center. and happening today low-income children will receive
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brand new backpacks full of school supplies. children will also have the opportunity to have fun during the salvation army's back to school carnival. rather than a simple handout, kids earn supplies through games and other activities. there will be food and music. today's carnival gets underway at 9:00 a.m. at the salvation army family service center at stevenson street. >> and bikers on harleys will hand out supplies to kids in need. for the fifth year member of the club will rumble into the parking lot of the san mateo parking lot to deliver backpacks and school supplies. more than 250 children from low-income families will benefit. that's from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30. all of us here has been working on a special project in oakland that we hope will provide joy for a lot of kids. here's a look from sky 7hd yesterday afternoon as we were building a new playground in oakland's concordia park with our partners, parent company disney, and the nonprofit group kaboom!. here's abc7 news reporter wayne freedman with the story.
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>> reporter: for people who work together every day, this was a new look and attitude. >> you are dressed differently. >> yes. >> crystal hunter works at espn. and james huntington runs the assignment desk at abc7. >> got a tool. >> it is sweat equity time. roughly 200 people in oakland's concordia park in the millsmont neighborhood where a small miracle took place. >> it's not unlike one of those old-fashioned barn raisings but in this case a playground. in six hours? >> this is part of a partnership with our corporate parent, the walt disney company, who has worked with kaboom!, volunteers and disney employees, some of whom you may recognize, to build almost 50 of these playgrounds around the country. why this one here? >> there was an old playground that was falling apart. there wasn't funding available. our company got involved, and it will really make a difference. >> but getting this place built in a day, not always easy. >> after we get to b we are going to --
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>> each of us came with a different level of experience. >> you know, i installed an air conditioner by myself. >> now she can add a playground, with help, of course. if you take 200 people, multiply their efforts into 1200 hours of manpower, here is what you get for the sweat and the labor. a playground designed by the people who will use it. a great feeling among those who made it. amazing what can happen when a relative few come together on a project just because. from concordia park in oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> it's looking great. they are going to put the rubber matting in on monday about a week before they get the inspection and that playground opens up. a lot of people heading to playgrounds today. what will be it be like for them? >> a little cooler for the weekend. the warmer weather comes the second half of the upcoming work week. we will look forward to that. and some parts of the bay it will be awful play pleasant today but cool if you are close to the coast. we will look for the breeze to kick up, as well, this afternoon. here's a look at live doppler
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7hd. the clouds are along the central coast. san francisco and oakland. and temperatures down to the low 50s up in the north bay. we are looking at an area of low pressure that could bring a few sprinkles our way tomorrow. but let's get you updated on gazelle. you see all the rain over the islands. we are looking at still a little flooding possible in maui. and also looking at rain around o'ahu and honolulu. but the big island in the clear. they can actually cleanup and really breathe a sigh of relief as julio right now no more a threat to hawaii. you see with winds of 100 miles an hour, it's a hurricane. it will remain a hurricane. but it will weaken in the days ahead. so they will be cleaning up from the trees down, the power outages, and this will pass to the north. so no threat here. that's the good news. you can see it is continuing to weaken but even by monday it will be just below hurricane status. winds at 70 miles an hour. thank goodness for that.
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a close call. and certainly some problems still to contend with with all the rain in hawaii. right now emeryville looking at the cloudy conditions with the stable atmosphere. 59 in san jose. partly cloudy skies. gilroy good morning to you. 57. it's 56 in san francisco. 59 in oakland. half moon bay 4-mile visibility at 59. look at all the low clouds electric our exploratorium camera. you see the transamerica pyramid with 58 concord and it's clear right now. 58 in livermore. the sun just coming up about, oh, in a couple minutes. so we will look for the later sunrise just over 13 hours of day light and plenty of gray to get going here in south san francisco. but we will look for partly cloudy skies later on. it will be sunny inland. and look for a little bit of drizzle to come our way tomorrow. but more importantly, we are still looking at the possibility of lightning and thunder around the bay area that could ignite more fires and create problems.
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already dealing with plenty of fires. but here is the reason why. we have the triggering mechanism. areas of low pressure that will work to keep our temperatures seasonal. low clouds and fog will get mixed out a little bit tomorrow. but we will look for the shower activity to ramp up sunday into monday. so here's a look at where you will notice the green and the possibility of rain. by 3:00 on monday, the sierra nevada from reno around blue canyon and up through mount shasta, looking to possibility of a few showers. but locally things will mix on out. we will just continue to see some very pleasant weather here. today 91 in yosemite. 66 monterey. with sacramento even comfortable for those standards in the valley for august, 93 degrees. so today if you are headed down the peninsula, it will be pleasant. but you will have to wait on the sun. 68. it will be warming up into the mid-70s for, say, palo alto and menlo park today with 74 degrees. high temperatures in the low 70s for you.
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in oakland 85 in concord. 76 fremont with low 80s up in napa. 80s san rafael, and san francisco look for partly cloudy skies, 66 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast and you will see the temperatures will range from the mid-60s to the upper 80s today and tomorrow. the only difference maybe some drizzle and partly cloudy sky. sunday into monday. and once that low exits the area, you will notice that temperatures rebound to near 830 around the bay. low 90s in lands and stay in the 60s with the afternoon sea breeze at the coast. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community by keeping track on live doppler 7hd on twitter. those systems off the coast not giving us trouble but around the bay maybe some showers. >> thank you, lisa. >> six months ago the governor declared a drought and called for everybody to do their part by cutting back on water consumption by
6:20 am
but it looks like u.c. berkeley is not doing their part to conserve. laura anthony explains. [bell] >> it's part of what makes the u.c. berkeley so special, the acres and acres of lush green and park-like setting. but when brown is the new green, it seems the lawns here on campus are a tad too healthy. >> we actually cut back 50% on the irrigation on campus. >> the spokesperson, christine, says the grass is green despite significant cutbacks in campus water usage the past six months. for one thing, they only water the grass here at night. >> water use overall on campus is down 5 to 9%. that's since the give nor declared the drought official at the end of january. which is great. we are working hard to reduce our water use even more. water in the residents hauls is down 30% the last six years. >> still it appears other state institutions are being much more aggressive. for instance, irrigation of lawns around the state capitol in sacramento has been cutoff completely.
6:21 am
there are even signs to explain to visitors why the grass here looks so bad. >> some are doing more than others certainly. >> heather is the director of the water program at the pacific institute in oakland. she said some water users are waking up to the seriousness of the situation a little slower than others. >> the governor asked for 20% but some of the state institutions haven't gone that far. >> well, we all need to be doing it, frankly. there is no excuse. this is a drought, a severe drought, and we need to step up. >> at u.c. berkeley there is a plan to reduce consumption even further, although there's no widespread use of recycled or reclaimed water, six of these lawns have been identified for removal. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> next, beware. this adorable six-year-old girl used shame to combat crime.
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♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away >> dan joins us now to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> good morning, matt. an extraordinary look at the
6:25 am
crisis in iraq. us planes dropping bombs on the fundamentalists. we have the latest for you on what is a developing story. meanwhile back at home the strange and startling new health alert. doctors are seeing a surge of people suffering from red meat allergies. some even being sent to the emergency rooms and it's all because of a certain kind of tick. what you need to know from the doctor. and wildfires scorching many western states this morning, homes destroyed, hundreds forced to evacuate. we will talk about the new efforts that firefighters are making this morning, and we have a little bits of personnel news. we have a new weekend coanchor. her name is paula feris. you have probably seen her many times before. a big, warm, and funny welcome for her this morning. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. we know who paula is. any hazing going on, dan? >> oddly enough, i was the one who got hazed. she put me in the back of her minivan with three children and they pretty much beat the crap
6:26 am
out of me. >> that sounds like torture. look forward to seeing paula on the show. thank you have. >> after a portland man's bike was stolen, a six-year-old shamed the thieves. her dad was sad, so she used her savings to make a sign. it reads "shame on you bike thieves. your mom would be so disappointed." the sign got a lot of attention in the local media, eventually leading to a citizen recovering the bike. the police recovered it all thanks to her giving the thieves a piece of her mind. what a cute picture. america's best known bear turns 70 today. >> only you can prevent wildfires. >> it was on august 9, 1944 that smokey the bear was created to warn of the dangers of forest fires. here's the first ad. the u.s. forest service and national association of stay forests thought was it needed because most firefighters were fighting overseas. it's become the longest-running public service announcement campaign in u.s. history. and here's an amazing coincidence. the actor sam elliott, he's been
6:27 am
smokey's voice since 2008, also turns 70 today you just heard his voice. >> much more to come on the abc7 saturday morning news. the ebola virus and the urgent new warning from the world health organization. a bay area biotech firm that's found a new way to cut the costs of treating a sick pet. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or... a mouth breather? well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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>> good saturday morning. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the whatever. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, matt. we have low clouds and fog around the bay this morning but we are looking at some sunshine here in san jose where temperatures are cool. san francisco 56 degrees. 59 in san jose and we are down to 51 degrees in santa rosa. so we will look for plenty of sunshine today. around the bay numbers of going to be seasonal. cool at the coast once again and out of the 90s today, upper 80s in the livermore valley. have to go well out to stockton to get the 90s. look for 72 in oakland with mid-60s san francisco. a few peaks of sun at the coast. we will talk about an area of low pressure that will mix things up a pit about, literally, this a few minutes. matt. >> thank you, lisa. u.s. military operations are increasing in northern iraq. the military has performed a second round of humanitarian air
6:31 am
drops to refugees hiding from isus. meanwhile the u.s. released these videos of the air strikes against the targets. yesterday the pentagon announced three separate attacks on isus fighters and their positions. in his week will addressed, president obama explains why he authorized the operations in iraq. >> the united states could not and should not intervene every time there's a crisis in the world. but when there is a situation like this on this mountain where thousands are facing a massacre and we have the ability to prevent it, the united states cannot look away. that's not who we are. we are americans. we act, we lead, and that's what we are going do on that mountain. >> in one of those air strikes the government said fighter jets dropped a laser-guided bomb on an isus convoy. >> mineta-san jose international errant has a new service to help customers get through customs
6:32 am
faster. several global kiosks were introduced yesterday. the automated stations checked fingerprints and asked a series of questions and snapped a photo. takes less than a minute. it requires preapproval, including a background check. sfo and 50 others already use the kiosk. this weekend two runways at san francisco international airport will open a month after schedule. they say they will reopen tomorrow rather than mid-september. at the end of the runways the workers built buffer zones designed to stop a plane if it overshoots the runway. workers finished safety upgrades on the other two runways last year. now to the deadly ebola outbreak and an urgent new warning from the international health organization. officials are declaring an international public health emergency. only the third time they have taken this step. more than 1,000 people have died. here all eyes or an two americans, a doctor and aid worker, fighting for their lives. we report. >> reporter: for the very first time we are hearing from one of
6:33 am
the american missionaries sick with ebola, now fighting for their lives in this atlanta hospital. a statement the dr. kent brantley said i'm writing this update from my isolation room where the doctors and nurses are providing the very best care possible. i am growing stronger every day and i thank god for his mercy as i wrestle with this terrible disease. he and his coworker had to be rescued. they were flown home to the u.s. brantley, describing the day he started feeling ill. "i immediately escalation in -- isolated myself. i had a peace beyond all understanding." we heard too from nancy wrightbol's husband. >> i don't believe we say say she's in the clear. >> she received a third dose of the experiment at serum, but her family has to speak with her through a clear wall and intercom. >> i want to be near her and hold her and thank the lord together that she's still with us. >> one good sign, she's asked for starbucks, and her sons have delivered.
6:34 am
her husband still in liberia, hoping to rush stateside once it's clear he's not infected. >> the families of the missionaries hospitalized here say it's important to remember they chose to work in the ebola hot zone because of the the incredible need. abc news, atlanta. >> next week several bay area communities will be fogged to wipe out any mosquitoes carrying west nile they will spray menlo park area monday night. comes after too pools of adult mosquitoes carrying west nile were detected this that area. and tuesday saratoga will be sprayed in some areas and thursday west san jose in the areas of thrush and wren drives. we are spending more and more money on our pets and it's becoming increasingly expensive to treat them when they are sick. a bay area company is loping to save the costly expense of developing new drugs by using
6:35 am
human drugs instead. abc news anchor katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: watching her play, you wouldn't guess she suffered from itchy skin. >> she doesn't have it as bad as some dogs where they lose their fur. >> they said traditional treatments didn't work so his vet suggested he take part in a clinical trial of a human drug being tested on dogs. the trial is part of a burgeoning industry that is using people to supply treatment for pets. >> i volunteered maya to be a test dog. >> she's taking a version of a human allergy drug. it requires a study before any human drugs be used on pets. >> right now pets are often given human medication that's not been tested or approved in the appropriate dose. there's some approved doses but not many. >> she's co-founder of the
6:36 am
burlington based kendrid-bio. >> it brings the best medicine to cats, dogs and horses. veterinary medicine is big business. americans spent $3.5 billion on flea and tick medications alone. this market is worth $22 billion. developing new drugs is expensive and time-consuming. they are hoping to cut the cost by taking human costs already on the market and reformulating them in a dose just right for the animals. >> for our tablets we are often able to buy the drug, the active ingredient, and formulated it in a way. for dog, beef favor chewable. >> they are currently enrolling animals in clinical trials for three different drugs approved for humans. one for allergies, one for osteoarthritis and a pain reliever. the company is hoping to get federal approvals by end of the year. this veterinarian said there's definitely a need for more pet specific drugs. >> so many diseases cross over from species to species, cancers, infectious diseases.
6:37 am
>> she often turns to human drugs to treat animals. >> the problem is that, you know, in the veterinary field we are often reaching for human drugs of that been studied or at least close to studied because there is a shortage of veterinary-specific drugs. >> this doesn't mean people should turning to their medicine cabinet to treat your pets. you can poison your pets by giving them human medications. >> the e. r. service probably sees that at least once a day, if not more. for veterinary approved uses, the payoff seems well worth it. >> she scratches a little bit, but she's doing pretty good. >> katie marzullo, abc7 news. still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, a high-tech twist to lost and found. 7 on your side's michael finney has steps you can take to keep your phone savor head into crowds like at the outside land. here's a live look from our exploratorium camera of the bay bridge. there's some low clouds out there this morning. fog in lays. lisa argen will let you know how long it's going to last and what
6:38 am
you can expect this weekend. we will be right back.
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> tomorrow night people looking to the sky are in for a big treat. the year's biggest and brightest full moon. it's called a super moon. although we saw a super moon last month, there's technically only one super moon a year. but advised to go out right at moon rise around 8:00 p.m. it will also look biggest when
6:41 am
it's next to things you are familiar with like trees and buildings. very beautiful. yeah, will people be able to see the moon, though? maybe not here in san francisco. >> it's a little dicey with all the low clouds and fog that's just stayed with us day after day. and this morning as we wake up in emeryville, it's cloudy in the mid-50s. you will see a high of 72. sunshine on the way. and the clouds we've been talking about, they will be around for a portion of the second half of the weekend. i'll explain when we return. >> also next, the first preseason game for the 2014 raiders against the vikings and they looked a lot like the 2013 raiders. not a good thing. larry beil has the highlights coming up in sports. foster farms chicken gets to the store in 48 hours or less. but it's 4 days to california.
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21 days! 14 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ >> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. here's a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. a beautiful shot there. you can see a little bit of sun peeking out. mostly low clouds and to go there around the bridge this morning. lisa argen will let you know when that is expected to clear. >> nearly 200,000 festival goers are expected in the parks for outside lands. if statistics
6:45 am
several hundreds of them will lose track of their mobile device. michael finney has some advice on how to keep that from happening to you. >> the stories of smartphone thefts are the stuff of legends here in san francisco. >> i witnessed a woman get her phone snatched from her hands right over there. >> this woman's daughter was ripped off in oakland. >> they just took her phone from her hand while she was texting. >> while city streets can be tough on smartphone users, festivals are wicked in their own ways. >> festivals are one of those places people tend to lose or misplace their phone. >> she is with the mobile security firm "lookout." we are in golden gate park, watching festival organizers get ready for the big weekend. we are also talking about preparations for festival goers. >> have a pass code on your device. if you have a pass code, no one can access your personal content on the phone. number two, when you are at a concert. the signals and connectivity can be shoddy and people's batteries start to die. make sure you go with fully-charged battery.
6:46 am
>> power is especially important if you use an app that helps track down your phone if it is lost or stolen. lookout has one that snaps a picture and sends you an e-mail. >> you can see this is what it would look like if you got it in your in box. the person of the person who has your phone, as well as the location of the missing device. >> the basic lookout app is free. a more robust one costs three dollars a month. last year when outside lands were over, wallets, keys, and lots of phones. that's what was left behind. it will be the same this year. but perhaps not for you. >> when i pick my cell phone up, i'm hovered over it like a bear. >> now at any big festival, especially going in and coming out, be on the lookout for pick pockets. your phone is just as valuable as your wallet. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> so how is the weather going to be for outside lands today. >> plenty of clouds, a few peaks of sun.
6:47 am
low 60s. it was actually kind of nice idea. and when the fog is already in, you don't get much of the gusty winds. it's more like the afternoon when it's trying to clear and move back in. it will be situated along the coast, and that means we will look for a fairly similar conditions as yesterday. although i do think you will see a few peaks of sun throughout the day. live doppler 7hd this morning, we have plenty of cloud cover along the central coast, around oakland this morning. and san francisco. but we want to get you updated on the remnants of gazelle. no longer a hurricane, but look at all the rain. plenty of rain through maui and kauai. a little flooding is possible but they dodged a big bullet with much of this dissipating around the big island. lots of power outages and trees down on the big island. so some cleanup certainly underway. but here is the forecast for the next hurricane that is a category 2. this is julio. it's at 100 mile-an-hour winds
6:48 am
and it continues to lift to the north and east of the hawaiian islands. that's some good news. still could see some rain with this but right now it's on track to miss the hawaiian islands. we are looking at still lots of rain there and plenty of cleanup in the days ahead. back home in the south bay this morning we are looking at some sunshine. this is a lock at san jose where temperatures are cool in the 50s for the most part. we are is at in san jose. 57 gilroy. good morning san francisco, 56 for you and oakland at 59. our exploratorium camera, plenty of gray out there. the marine layer over 1500 feet deep and it will continue to deepen as an area of low pressure visits us later on today. 58 in concord. it's clear for you, as well as livermore. so that low is going to do several things. it's going to keep us from getting too hot. keep the low clouds and fog intact. and then mix things out a bit. we will look for the coastal fog really not to go anywhere throughout the next 24 hours. then we will see a little bit
6:49 am
more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. and also we could see some drizzle in between before that fog begins to clear. but the bigger picture will allow for the area of low pressure, a couple areas of low pressure to allow for more showers and the possibility of thunderstorms in the higher elevations. certainly by tomorrow night into monday. but locally we are looking at this to really mix out the low clouds and fog. here we are skipping today into sunday and monday. we have the low. we have the moisture coming up from the south. and once again, if you had some vacation plans in the sierra nevada, it's been awfully cloudy and even rain for much of last week. we are still looking to cloudy skies with rain possible into the upcoming work week. the beginning, anyway. outside lands upper 50s, 10:00. by 2:00 we will see a few peaks of sun in the low 60s. breezy by the evening hours. the afternoon should be pleasant, and temperatures ranging from the mid-60s in san francisco today to 72 in
6:50 am
oakland. look for 85 in concord. with 87 in livermore. upper 80s the warmest location for inland valleys for morgan hill from antioch and if you are headed over to oakland this afternoon, later in the day today temperatures will still be in the 60s. the sun sets at 8:10. and lower 60s by the evening hours. so the accuweather seven-day forecast then very little change except for extra cloud cover throughout tomorrow and monday due to that low. and then low 90s with a warming trend, a modest one, though, into the middle of week around the bay and inland. really, really nice. no triple digit heats. and it will get warm if you need it warmer. >> nice and mild. we will take it. thank you, lisa. in sports, football season is almost here. next friday night the raiders play their first home preseason game of a falling last night against the strike, in minnesota. here's sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports.
6:51 am
>> good morning, everybody. the raiders open the preseason last night in minnesota. it wasn't pretty. on their very first offensive play, the raiders were called for a false start. and that pretty much set the tone for a mistake-filled evening. raider nation making the trip to minnesota. vikings went 70 yards in 10 plays on their opening series. matt a one-yard plunge. 7-0 vikes. shamarr, 3 of 7, 21 yards. should have been caught. a lot of drops by the receivers in the game. and derek carr, that one too high. off the hands of him. picked off of right into the arms of kurt coleman. and for 94 yards. the raiders score late. a minute and a half to go, matt mcgloin on a ten-yard scamper but the raiders would fall 10-6. round 2, pga championship. roy mcilroy gunning for his fourth major title. 4-under 67. he's 9-under leading by 1 after 36 holes. mickelson, just three back. tiger shot a 74, finished 6-over
6:52 am
and missed the cut. this is the very last thing the giants need right now. bandon belt goes back on the disabled list because of concussion-related symptoms. so he's not laying at all this weekend in k.c. hunter pence, michael morse getting ready for boot camp or something. 2-2 in the sixth. the shot and mike morse the diving play but he and matt duffy both make diving errors. everybody safe. next batter billy butler. base hit that shoots through into right field. kind of rolls through really. and that brings in the game-winning run. madison bumgarner went 8 innings, allowed 4 runs and took the loss. giants fall 4-2. they remain 3 1/2 back of the dodgers, who also lost. a's and twins, some say world series. kurt suzuki, a rocket. josh donaldson, a glove save a beauty and starts an inning-ending double play.
6:53 am
scoreless in the fifth. bases loaded for coco crisp. he's the igniter, catalyst. finds the gap and that will bring everybody home. 3-0 on a crisp triple. a's were cruising 6-0, but scott kazmir gave up five runs in the seventh. parmalee, that's a fireball down the line. kazmir would get the win and go 13-4. sean doolittle little gets shawn willingham, looking to end it. 6-5, the final. a's four on the angels who lost. hawaii have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> the jazz fest and how organizers are making this year's music
6:54 am
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this is a big weekend for jazz connoisseurs here in the bay area. the san jose jazz summer fest kicked off. last night part of the grammy winning pacific mambo orchestra. they will play on twelve stages around downtown san jose. this is the 25th anniversary of the festival. organizers say they put together their best yet. >> because we are getting ready for the new age. this festival is the most latin festival in the united states, with over 25 acts. but also another 75 playing all kinds of straight-ahead, big band blues and our jazz beyond stage where we are premiering a lot of young artists. >> the festival runs through tomorrow.
6:57 am
>> not too bad in san jose. warm, but not hot? >> i think it will be just about perfect there. 80 today and there is sunshine in parts of the south bay. we are still waiting for the fog to clear at the central coast. san francisco today partly cloudy at 66. 76 in fremont. look for 77 in vallejo. warmer upper 60s toward livermore and morgan hill. otherwise we stay this way adding extra cloudiness tomorrow afternoon and into monday. but even some sun at the coast with an area of low pressure that mixes things out a bit. then a little warmer the second half of the upcoming work week. some kids are starting cool next week! one of mine. >> and the parents are really excited. the kids are a little bummed out. >> kind of a short summer. >> i know. thanks so much for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news appear. "good morning america" is next. "good morning america" is next. have a great morning, everyone!,
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, attack on iraq. dramatic new video of american fighter jets dropping bombs on militants on the move attempting to capture a key city threatening thousands of lives including many americans. plus, could this dam now under the control of the isis rebels be used as a weapon of mass destruction? out of control, wildfires out west burning homes. residents told to get out fast. >> i lost everything. it feels unreal. >> the new efforts this morning to fight the wall of flames. the new tick warning. how a bite can make you suddenly allergic to red meat. dr. jen ashton on the crazy connection with the warning signs you need to know to keep your family safe


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